A letter from Pastor Brad Dutton

Dear New Heights Church family,

I hope you all have had a great summer of learning how to rest in the Lord. My family and I had a very good time together in the US reconnecting with friends and family......and eating lots of donuts.

Although we are very excited to be back and hopeful for all that is to come in the life of New Heights in the upcoming season, my heart is hurting for the events which have unfolded in Hong Kong this summer. In light of all that has occurred with the political unrest and violence which boiled over last Sunday, I think it's critical for us as the Church to lean in and intercede with intentionality on behalf of all 7.2 million+ people in Hong Kong.

Rather than have a "Sunday as usual" worship service this Sunday, we will dedicate the majority of our time together towards praying for Hong Kong. If you are in Hong Kong this Sunday morning, I highly encourage you to attend so that with one voice, we will pray into our home's current condition and through our intercession, be a part of changing its future trajectory. If you are not in Hong Kong, would you join us in spirit by stopping to pray over a specific list of requests and directives we will upload to our website at 10:30am HK time on Sunday?

We do need 1-2 volunteers to help facilitate our kids church video curriculum this Sunday. If you are willing to volunteer, please reply to this email and we will coordinate with you.

So that all may hear,
Pastor Brad