Summer of Rest 16 June 2019 // Rest as Sabbath

This summer, we’re going on a journey to discover what rest truly means. We’re going to strip away a lot of the busy-ness of modern life and learn to enjoy simply BEING with God. We won’t be gathering as a large group for corporate worship during this time. However, follow along with us and join us for small group gatherings / online devotions!

16 June: Rest as sabbath

23 June: Rest as stillness

30 June: Rest as yieldedness

7 July: Rest as a dwelling place

14 July: Rest as a promise

21 July: Rest as security/assurance

One of the words we see as ‘rest’ in our translation of scripture has the implication of ‘Sabbath’ in the original text.

This week, we will look at Rest as Sabbath. In your group(s), follow along in these steps:

  1. Open in prayer, asking God to speak to you through His word and each other

  2. Read Genesis 2:3, Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 31:7

  3. Watch this video together:

4. Ask your group the following questions:

Why do you think God commanded a sabbath to His people?

Why do you think practicing a sabbath is so difficult in today’s “connected” world?

What is God challenging your sabbath to look like beginning this week?

4. Pray for one another