Talk it Out

“Will you Talk It Out?” That’s the closing challenge from today’s message. Use these questions with a group of friends to help you turn your response into action and discover the one thing God has for your next step toward Him.

With your Bible or, read Isaiah 43:18-19 and Matthew 6:33. These verses encourage us to focus on God and the things He wants to do in our life.

• How do you think changing your focus from “good intentions” to “God intentions” will help you make more lasting commitments? Read Psalm 27:4. In this verse David asks God for the one thing He desired most.

• What one thing do you desire from God? Discuss the struggles you’ve had in the past with taking steps toward this one thing.

• What’s the difference between desiring something from God and just desiring God? How do we shift our focus toward seeking God like this verse expresses? Read Mark 10:21-22. In this verse, Jesus tells a man what one thing he lacks.

• What one thing do you lack to move forward with God? Jesus named the one thing for the man in the verse and he still didn’t do it. How will you go about obtaining that one thing? Read Philippians 3:13-14. Paul tells us in this verse to let go of the past to focus on our future with God.

• What one thing do you need to let go? Share something from your past that seems to be holding you back. How are you going to let it go? Read Psalm 56:9-13. David stands on this one promise to get rid of the fears he faced.

• What’s one promise you need to claim? Review the list of promises from the message. What’s the one that you need to stand on move forward with your walk with God?