Highlights from Sunday (11 NOV edition):

Here’s a quick recap of last Sunday as we worshipped together, continued our teaching series on vision through the book of Nehemiah, and had a ‘Farewell-La’ lunch for Louis Au before sending him out to his new job and ministry in Singapore. Enjoy!

Farewell-La Louis!

Join us for a good old-fashioned Potluck lunch immediately following worship on Sunday 11 November as we bless and send out Louis Au, one of our key NewHeights Church leaders. Be sure you’re here as we say ‘Farewell-La’ as he leaves for his new job in Singapore!


Here’s a list of what everyone has signed up to bring so far:


Coming January 20: Domestic Helper Open Day

On January 20th, New Heights Church @ International Christian School will play host to a day of service and blessing to the 300,000+ domestic helpers in Hong Kong. During this day of blessing, our church will have the opportunity to tangibly love and bless these hard-working ladies with various opportunities from hosting musical performances by local students, spa treatments, photo booths, etc.

There is also a clothing drive in which donated clothes from New Heights and the greater Sha Tin community will be available for selection.


New ministry creation means new volunteer opportunities


New Heights has experienced a BOOM within our Children’s Ministry over the past 12 months, seeing a 300% increase!

This exciting season of growth has opened up a tremendous opportunity for us to begin a new ministry for babies - 3yo’s called ‘Tiny Tots’. With our upcoming move (Dec 16) to ICS, our new expanded space allows for more age-specific environments in which a loving team of volunteers can build up, encourage, and empower kids who will change the world!

This is where you come in. We need YOU to volunteer 1-2 sundays per month in either our tiny tots (birth - 3 years) or Children’s (4 years +) ministries. We follow a dynamic video-driven curriculum for our children which will engage them to be the kids Jesus wants them to be. Training will be available before you enter a regular rotation schedule. Will you help build up kids who will change the world by volunteering 2 hrs per month?

For more information, email info@newheightshongkong.com

Nehemiah wk 1

On Sunday, we began a new teaching series looking at the life and story of Nehemiah while weaving the vision of New Heights Church into the story as well. Click the image below for our latest podcast


God-Ordained Vision is ALWAYS birthed thru seasons of prayer.

Plan the Work and Work the Plan.

Prayer items:

“What is my church’s front door?”

“What are our ‘next steps’?”

“Who can I invite to be a part of New Heights?”

“What part do I have to play in the vision of this church?”

Notes from Today's Sermon

In today’s sermon, guest speaker and fellow NHC’er Professor Mark Boone walked us thru an overview of Jesus found in the Torah. Click here for a pdf of his notes for you to read thru and digest this week. Take some time each day this week to ‘take sips’ of this message and allow God the space to speak to you thru your time of study and reflection.

Talk it Out

“Will you Talk It Out?” That’s the closing challenge from today’s message. Use these questions with a group of friends to help you turn your response into action and discover the one thing God has for your next step toward Him.

With your Bible or YouVersion.com, read Isaiah 43:18-19 and Matthew 6:33. These verses encourage us to focus on God and the things He wants to do in our life.

• How do you think changing your focus from “good intentions” to “God intentions” will help you make more lasting commitments? Read Psalm 27:4. In this verse David asks God for the one thing He desired most.

• What one thing do you desire from God? Discuss the struggles you’ve had in the past with taking steps toward this one thing.

• What’s the difference between desiring something from God and just desiring God? How do we shift our focus toward seeking God like this verse expresses? Read Mark 10:21-22. In this verse, Jesus tells a man what one thing he lacks.

• What one thing do you lack to move forward with God? Jesus named the one thing for the man in the verse and he still didn’t do it. How will you go about obtaining that one thing? Read Philippians 3:13-14. Paul tells us in this verse to let go of the past to focus on our future with God.

• What one thing do you need to let go? Share something from your past that seems to be holding you back. How are you going to let it go? Read Psalm 56:9-13. David stands on this one promise to get rid of the fears he faced.

• What’s one promise you need to claim? Review the list of promises from the message. What’s the one that you need to stand on move forward with your walk with God?